Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


Challenges and pitfalls in identification of PAMPs/MAMPs from microbial pathogens. New paper of Steffanie Ranf.


Appropriate nitrogen supply is important for barley health in regard to Fusarium head blight.


Bavaria supports research on disease resistance of climate-adapted barley.


New paper on the physiological role of a barley susceptibility factor in epidermis polar cell development (Scheler et al. 2016).


 New papers on occurrence and relavance of Fusarium head blight of barley (Linkmeyer et al. 2016; Hofer et al. 2016)


New paper on function of cytplasmic kinases in controlling barley susceptibility factors (Reiner et al. 2016).


Important mechanism in plant immunity decoded. Plants detect bacterial endotoxin in similar process to mammals.